Monday, February 27, 2012

Another baby!!!!!!!!!

Feb. 27, 2012

Well y'all!!!!!!     babies are popping out everywhere up on the hill.....

I walked out to dump some things into the compost pile and noticed this.............

Merry Belle gave birth to her first calf !!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't know exactly when she would be calving, but thought it was getting closer . What a surprise.  This happened around lunchtime today.  She appears to be a nervous first time mom, so I'm giving her some space but keeping a close eye on her.  Not sure if it's a heifer or a bull calf, so i will keep you posted.............This is so exciting ! ! ! two births back to back, first Rosie's lambs and now a calf.  Our other two momma cows will be giving birth sometime in the next few months also.  The farm is growing y'all......

Be back to post more later......

                                                                       Live simple.................Sheryl


  1. I always loved the time of the year on the farm growing up!

  2. This is awesome, two lambs, a baby and Denny are really doing well with the farm. Cody, Chad and I checked out the pictures of the animals and the first words out of Cody's mouth was, "we need to go there soon"! We need to arrange another date that we can all get together and have a pot luck meal. Keep in touch and keep posting pictures of the baby animals. Love and kisses,

  3. It is so fun to have baby animals on the farm. Our two Dexter Cows are due in about a month. The girls are looking late term now, and I am watching their udders. I can tell when they are really close when their udders fill out. This year they will have calves in April... so much better weather. Your Merry Belle seems to be a good first time mother.

  4. We can't wait to see them!!! So happy and pround of all you and diddy pops hard work!!! Keep it up!! Love Ya'll!

  5. Congratulations on the newest addition to your farm! :)