Wednesday, March 7, 2012

They have names

March 6,2012

Well.....we finally came up with names for our new additions to the farm.
If you haven't been following along with us, Our Rosie the Katahdin sheep had twins a week from this past Saturday.  Then to our surprise, our two year old cow had a calf born the following day,  so the hill has been busy.

This picture was taken that afternoon, poor momma.......she looks exhausted.

Aren't they the cutest thing you have ever seen.   The little girl is the one laying down, her name is Jolie' and the little guy is Pepe', french pronunciation of course.  Pepe' is named after the little Looney Tunes character Pepe' Lepew.

Lepew was a romeo always looking for Love.  I had picked Valentine and Romeo for them before they were born, knowing they would be born in February, the month of Love.  But after having my family here to spend the weekend and the lambs were born while they were here, they all wanted them to have french names.  So this is what we came up with.  Thank you cousin Mary, we took your suggestion for little Jolie'.

The following day our Merry Belle gave birth to a heifer calf.

When this little girl was born she came out full of energy, within the hour she was running around and would not keep still for her mom to finish cleaning her up.  We have not seen a baby calf so active as she was, it was a sight to see.  It was funny to see Mary Belle bellowing out like she was fussing at her calf to calm down.  This went on for 24 hours, the next two days this baby layed around and slept, she was plum exhausted. 

So for this wicked, crazy like, spirted heifer, we named her Jezebel.

She is a high spirited little thing, she is curious and shows no fear to anything.  I'm enjoying looking out my kitchen window to see her and the lambs get acquainted.  Yesterday late afternoon i spotted Jezebel running around and around the field while the other mommas were grazing, and the lambs were just looking at her like what has gotten into her???? all of a sudden the lambs started trotting and leaping and trying to keep up with Jezebel.  It was a sight, by the time i got my camera and got out the door they were already worn out and was laying in the clover. 

Don't you just LOVE spring time, a time of new beginnings.......from new births on the farm to the new sprouts bringing forth beauty to the season.  Most importantly the new beginnings each and every one of us has a opportunity to choose.  I thank the Lord for all these gifts.

                                                                        Live Simple........................Sheryl

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Making use of........

March 4,2012

The hog my husband and family roasted for my birthday was absolutely tasty.  After giving everyone a little to take home, we still had some to eat on for the week.  I have made bar-b-que sandwiches and took some of the meat and combined it with some fresh turnips and made the best turnip and pork stew.  It had a little touch of a smokey flavor that was out of this world.  I will share with you my steps at the end of this post.  Another thing i did, was after deboning all the meat, i put the bones in a pot of water to make stock.  I thought.......why waste this wonderful flavor...... make use of these that i did...

I let this simmer on the stove for an hour or so and enjoyed the aroma, as i relived that day this pig roasted on a fire while family and friends gathered.

After it cooled i was able to skim the grease off the top before putting in the freezer.  It will be a wonderful stock to use in a gumbo or soups and beans. 

Last year our turnips did not do well, so we were pleased to have  a successful bunch growing this year. 

The basis of a good stew is the roux.  I usually brown the meat first then remove it from the pot, then make the roux in the same pot.  But since this pork was already cooked, i made my roux first.  I browned about a cup of flour in a cup of oil until it turned the color of a penny.  Thats the advise i got from my grandmother when i was learning how to cook.  In her 90 years of living she's cooked many a roux in her days.  Bless her heart........she is no longer cooking for herself anymore, as she shared her story with me on my birthday, that she now recieves meals on wheels to deliver her meals.  She adds to that by saying "although I'm thankful for such a service as this... their cooking just doesn't have any flavor like my cooking". She has taught all of us well.  Love you maw maw.......

We like alot of seasoning in our cooking, so i use alot of onion, celery, garlic and bell pepper.

After making the roux, i add my seasonings in and wilt them down, adding a little water if needed to prevent any scortching.

After my seasonings have cooked down i add the peeled and cubed up turnips.  Stir them around a few minutes then add some stock.   Since i had that wonderful stock made from the bones, i used it.  I let this cook down until the turnips start to get soft, then i added the pork that was pre-cooked from the pig roast.

Let this simmer until it thickens and the turnips are tender, allowing all these flavors to blend together.  You can add a little parsley and or green onions towards the end.

You can make this turnip and pork stew using other cuts of pork such as boston butt, cut up into pieces, or pork country ribs, which is our favorite.  I just wanted to make use of some of this roasted pork.  It turned out really good, sorry i didn't get a picture of it served up over rice. 

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

lil Birthday girl

March 2, 2012

Last Friday my precious grand baby turn 1 year old already,  my.......has she grown.  Friends and family came out on a stormy Saturday afternoon to celebrate with Jessie and her parents.

Here mommy baked a personal b-day cake just for her, it was a banana cake with cool whip, cream cheese icing.  This child loves bananas......

She had been practicing blowing out her candle prior to her birthday and was pretty good at it.  When the cake was placed in front of her she was mesmerized by the lit candle.  She would not attempt to blow it out, lil stinker..........

But...She did enjoy her cake.

Maybe daddy would like a taste

She enjoyed her day, and had a blast opening her gifts.

Time goes by so fast, sometimes we have to make a point to slow down and enjoy the everyday moments in our lives.  I'm blessed to be able to live each and everyday making memories with my children and grand daughter. 

You can see pictures of Jessie as she's growing by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.  I have some new pictures to post there.  I've gotten behind on that, been busy taking pictures and not posting them.

                                                                       Live simple................Sheryl 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Couchon De Lait

March 1, 2012

This past Saturday my family surprised me with a 50th birthday party.  It was a wonderful Birthday!!!!!!  Family and friends came to celebrate with me and enjoy a couchon de lait, (roasted pig on a pit fire). 

My daughter crowned me queen of the day..........

The hog was provided by my sister and her husband.  They raise Catahoula dogs and compete in hog bays. The dogs are trained to pen a wild hog.  So this was no domesticated hog...............It was a wild hog that weighed in close to 300lbs.  Thank you Donna and Jim for that.

There was plenty of meat to feed an army. And my husband did an awesome job, it was so tender and juicy.  Not bad for his first pig roast on a pit fire!!!!!  He's the bomb. 

It meant the world to me to have my 90 year old grandmother with me to celebrate my 50th.  She made the two hour trip with my dad and enjoyed the visit with her family.

She stole my crown from!!!!! That's ok.......She is our QUEEN
I sure hope i can live a long and happy life like she has...Love you maw maw.

These cute little piggy cupcakes were made by my oldest daughter and the kids.

         My dad, mom, grandmother and my siblings.

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend

My oldest daughter and her husband Brandon

My husband got me a new lap top computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i can blog from anywhere.  I was tied to my desk top in the office for so long.  I'm excited about having this handy devise sitting in the area of my home where i spend most of my time, the KITCHEN.....Thank you Baby!!!!!  I love you so much.........

Another gift i got, was something i have been wishing for......................

Can't wait to try out my new Kitchen Aid mixer, thank you my sweet Lindsey. Thank you to all who came out and celebrated my birthday with me.  We had a blast, the food was excellent, and thank you to all the cooks that prepared all the wonderful dishes

A Special Thanks goes to my loving husband and daughters, who kept this surprise from me and pulled it off with much success.  Thank you all for a wonderful gift, making memories.


                                                          Live Simple......................Sheryl