Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Hearts.................

February 2, 2011
January has come and gone, and right after Christmas i take everything down from the mantle except the greenery, and maybe a few pine cones.  I started playing around the other day, and came up with this cute little HEART that i made from a scrap of ivory colored fabric and a piece of ribbon and jute.

I softened the greenery with some ivory tulle and left my soft white lights from Christmas in place as well.  The old window was a gift from my son-in-law that i just propped up there.  I have seen around blogland where someone sprayed the back side of the glass of a old window with this mirrored spray paint.  I never knew they made that stuff, may have to check into it more.  It suppose to resemble an old mirror like image sorta muted from what i read.  That might look better than looking at the brick wall behind it. 

I wanted to get a picture in the evening with the lights on but my camera didn't do it any justice.  Or shall i say...........I couldn't do it any justice.........I need more practice with the use of lighting techniques.

I tied a bunch of dried hydrangea to the top of the old window, and a peace dove hung off to the side.  I have been so busy with my youngest playing soccer and babysitting the grandbaby i had to keep it simple and use what i have around the house.

This is also a picture of my HEART..............

Jessie with Ramsey and Rosie
 My precious grandbaby Jessie, she gets so excited when the animals come to the fence.  She is learning to make all the different barn yard animal's so funny to hear her baaaaaah like a sheep. 

February is our Birthday month, She will be turning One Year Old, and I will be turning the big 50!!!!      It is so sweet being a grandmother......She holds such a special place in my heart.



  1. Beautiful...Love the window on the mantle.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. Awww...what a cutie pie little Jessie is! I can see where she would be your Heart! :)
    I like the use of the old window as a decorative piece and your little fabric heart turned out darling! I'll bet the mirror spray would be a cool look, you'll have to do an update!

  3. Hi. Found my way over here through the new Linky thing. Don't know that I like it yet but...
    Once here I saw your mantle and knew I would have to follow along. I have an old window like yours on my mantle too. Mine has 6 square panes and a little more white paint on it but the look is the same. Love it. Ooooh and right beside where I am typing now my mouth is watering from the plums hanging on the tree on your sidebar.
    Yes, I am going to like it here.