Thursday, March 1, 2012

Couchon De Lait

March 1, 2012

This past Saturday my family surprised me with a 50th birthday party.  It was a wonderful Birthday!!!!!!  Family and friends came to celebrate with me and enjoy a couchon de lait, (roasted pig on a pit fire). 

My daughter crowned me queen of the day..........

The hog was provided by my sister and her husband.  They raise Catahoula dogs and compete in hog bays. The dogs are trained to pen a wild hog.  So this was no domesticated hog...............It was a wild hog that weighed in close to 300lbs.  Thank you Donna and Jim for that.

There was plenty of meat to feed an army. And my husband did an awesome job, it was so tender and juicy.  Not bad for his first pig roast on a pit fire!!!!!  He's the bomb. 

It meant the world to me to have my 90 year old grandmother with me to celebrate my 50th.  She made the two hour trip with my dad and enjoyed the visit with her family.

She stole my crown from!!!!! That's ok.......She is our QUEEN
I sure hope i can live a long and happy life like she has...Love you maw maw.

These cute little piggy cupcakes were made by my oldest daughter and the kids.

         My dad, mom, grandmother and my siblings.

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend

My oldest daughter and her husband Brandon

My husband got me a new lap top computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i can blog from anywhere.  I was tied to my desk top in the office for so long.  I'm excited about having this handy devise sitting in the area of my home where i spend most of my time, the KITCHEN.....Thank you Baby!!!!!  I love you so much.........

Another gift i got, was something i have been wishing for......................

Can't wait to try out my new Kitchen Aid mixer, thank you my sweet Lindsey. Thank you to all who came out and celebrated my birthday with me.  We had a blast, the food was excellent, and thank you to all the cooks that prepared all the wonderful dishes

A Special Thanks goes to my loving husband and daughters, who kept this surprise from me and pulled it off with much success.  Thank you all for a wonderful gift, making memories.


                                                          Live Simple......................Sheryl


  1. How fun that they were able to keep it a surprise!! It looks like you guys had a GREAT time and I just love those piggy cupcakes! That was one big pig, I would hate to run across something that big out in the woods! Yikes!!
    Happy belated birthday to you!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It looks like you had a great time and you've got a great family. :)