Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fall harvesting

December 4, 2012

The fall garden is looking pretty good. We have had several pickings on our mustard greens in spite of the lack of rain and warmer than usual temperatures.

Haven't picked any turnips yet, but i don't think they will be much longer.  The leaves are beautiful but taking a little longer to make a bulb.

A few scenes from the lettuce patch.  Looking pretty good............

mesclun blend variety
We also have some kale, parsley and shallots along with buttercrunch lettuce growing in this raised bed.

buttercrunch lettuce

Cabbage is also looking good, starting to form a head. Hmmmm hope they are ready for New Year's Dinner.......


I wanted to give brussel sprouts a try, my hubby loves them, and that's one thing i have never grew before.  I was curious as to how they grow, and couldn't wait to watch the little sprouts grow and produce these little babies.

brussel sprouts

Not many of the plants survived the drought,t but it's been neat to watch these grow.

The pok choi was growing beautiful also, but the warmer than normal temps have forced it to bolt, it has gone to seed now.

Chopped up and stir fried with onions and smoked sausage. 

Reminds me of smothered cabbage.........for you Cajun gals who have never tried this cruciferous vegetable.

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  1. Wow! Your garden is beautiful!! It is still so hot here that the aphids would decimate any cruciferous vegetables I tried to plant. :(

  2. I am excited. I have figured out how to post comment. love your fall garden. wish j lived next door. love you my multi_talented daughter.