Monday, December 17, 2012

"Cow" girl STRONG!!!!

December 17, 2012

These wonderful young ladies are my daughters.......

 Lindsey & Bailey celebrating cinco de mayo


They are both beautiful, loving, compassionate young ladies and true "cowgirls" at heart.  They both possess such inner strength, courage and bravery.  I'm so proud and blessed to call them my own.
Two days ago as the evening was setting in, i noticed one of our cows was showing early signs of labor. I kept a watchful eye on her until dark, getting excited that a new baby calf would be hitting the ground by morning.

  I was babysitting my grandbaby that night and she loves looking at the cows.  So before we retired to bed we thought we would ride out and take a look at momma cow from the vehicle on the roadside.  She was laying out in the field secluded from the others like a good momma cow does entering labor.  After returning to the garage and getting grandbaby out of the car, i felt something grab hold of my back.....I was stuck in a slouched over position....Not good!!!!! i thought.....needless to say, with the help of my youngest daughter we retired to bed, since that was the only position to relieve the pain.  Morning came and grandbaby was stirring around in her bed ,and it then came to mind i need to get up and check on this cow.  Well, getting up and out the bed was not an easy task, but i managed to get grandbaby and walk to the kitchen to get coffee on.  It was a foggy morning, but as i looked out my kitchen window i noticed something i did not want to see............ A momma cow down, and it looked very grim. Through the night she must of moved several places and ended up at the right spot for me to find her by just looking out the window.  I yelled out to my youngest daughter to come downstairs right away.....She ran out the door and to the front fence, she yelled back to me " mom, shes alive and the calf looks stuck".  I put a call in to the vet and he said it might be awhile till he can get to us. I called my oldest daughter and she was  already on her way to come pick up the grandbaby.  We have had calves born here with no problems thus far.  But go figure!!!!!!!!!! These things happen when the Hubby is out working away from home.  I tryed not to panic, and dug through the cabinet to locate an OB chain for calf pulling that i knew hubby had purchased for "just in case" measures. My daughters reassured me "Mom we can do this"....................

AND THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My "cow" girls in action.....priceless.......determined, strong and brave....

The calf was already dead when they got to her.  One of the calf's legs were not in correct position. And we had no idea how long she had been trying to push him out.  By looking at the momma, she was exhausted.  As i stood on the front porch slouched over with grandbaby standing at my side, i coached the girls to reach in and find that other leg. Without hesitation, they eagerly worked at getting that calf out.  Shortly after, the vet arrived and he gave her antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.  The girls assisted the vet at attempting to get her up, but she was wobbly and would not stand.  We were instructed to try to keep her siting up and roll her to switch sides from time to time, to keep her blood circulating. He said it may take a few days for her to get up, could be a pinched nerve from trauma during birth. Or it can be permanent, only time will tell. I thought to am i gonna manage this!!!! hurt back, hubby away......hmmmmmmmmm

Yesterday she was scooting around and switching sides on her own.  I thought YES!!!  thank you Jesus.....We don't have to manhandle her on our own..

Momma cow laying down

By last night she was able to stand.  Thank you Jesus again!!!!!! no permanent paralysis.

This morning she is up and eating on her own.....

It would have been a bull calf.......... while it's so heartbreaking to loose a calf, i feel blessed we still have the momma.  Cows are strong animals, I'm reminded by hubby, and mother nature is an awesome thing to witness.  Watching my girls run out there and do what they could to try to help this mom was also amazing. 

I too........Have such strong amazing daughters......Thank you girls, for being there for mom and not being scared to "COWGIRL UP"               Love you both....



  1. Way to go girls!! Sorry that the calf was lost but so glad momma cow is doing okay. You should be really, really proud of your daughters, the COW girls! :)

  2. proud of my nieces...have no doubt they know how to cowgirl up!! love ya'll!!

  3. What a wonderful story. I am so pleased to see you all cowgirl up. what a beautiful and strong family. love you all dearly.