Monday, November 5, 2012

Missing blogland

November 5, 2012

Wow!!!! it has been awhile since i had time to do any posting or catch up on all my fellow bloggers.   Now that daylight savings time is here, we will be indoors earlier, i may be able to catch up with all of you.

October has been a busy month.  We sold the small herd of cows we had here to make room for a few better quality cattle.  I guess you can say we started with what we can afford at the time, to be able to purchase better and grow from there.  We purchased three Brangus cows already bred, they expected to calve starting sometime in December.  Sorry no pictures at this time.

It was also time for our male lamb to serve his purpose for our family.  He was a cross breed so his purpose for us was to put meat in the freezer.  We did this process ourselves.  Sorry i didn't think you would want pics of this event.  But that's what homesteading and farming is all about.  For those of you that think raising and butchering our own animals is inhumane,  raising our own food is our goal.

We had the opportunity to entertain my baby sister and her family in the month of October as well.  Here in our community we have a week long fair with animals, crafts, music, exhibits, and a midway.  We all got to spend a few days at the fair and the kids had a ball......

Bailey was a sport and rode the coaster with her little cousin Trey....He was looking brave on this ride.........Hands in the air.......

Not sure about this one.......... he insisted he had rode the ferriswheel before, i don't think he did by the look on his face.

They got to help Bailey with chores. 

"LADY" loved all the attention

Enjoyed this visit with my sister ......


I also lost my dear Grandmother in the month of October.  She was 91 yrs old, and was loved by many.

 She wasn't ill long, she had a very good long life.  I'm blessed to have had her in my life.  She has taught us all the love of cooking, which she took great pride in.  This snapshot is taken of her signing her cook books, she had published late in life.  She also loved to sew and make her own clothes.  She was a wonderful homemaker.  She was an inspiration to us all.  We will miss you Maw Maw.

We finished the bathroom remodeling, got all that wallpaper off, got it painted and new flooring.  To save some money i tryed revamping the old light fixtures by spray painting them with that textured paint. 

It turned out pretty a $avings......gotta love that....

This is a before pic after wallpaper was removed, mirror was taken down, and those ugly brown cabinets.......

This is a after shot, all we have left is to change out the faucets on the sink.

It was hard to get some good shots of this bathroom, but you get the idea.....It was long overdue for a face lift.

Now we have started on the stairway railing and spindles.  This has always bugged me from the day i bought this house....This staircase was not safe for little ones, I taught every child that came to my house to walk up them stairs holding the wall all the way up and around.  Now that my grandbaby is getting around and climbing, we decided that this cannot be put off any longer.

Before pics...


Work in progress:

Notice the difference in the height of the railing, and the width of the spindles.....Makes a grandmother feel a little more at ease.......

I hope November doesn't go by so fast....Trying to get these projects done before the holidays........
Promise to not stay away so long.....I can't wait to read your stories......

Live Simple.......................Sheryl


  1. You have been busy! Love the remodeling projects and the light fixtures turned out great! How nice that you got to visit with your sister. Sorry about your grandmother, I'm sure you will miss her.

  2. What a beautiful blog. I am so impressed and proud. keep it up.

  3. Very nice blog. keep up the good work. I am proud of you