Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Louisiana shrimp and garden fresh veggies

July 24, 2012

Hi everyone, earlier today i was trying to figure out what to cook for dinner.  The past few weeks i have been trying to eat out the freezer to make use of what we have stored, and try not to run to the store for something to cook.  Sometimes it's a challenge to come up with something that everyone will love.  I, on the other hand can make a meal out of a few fresh vegetables and some leftover meat.  With rumors spreading that the cost of groceries will be on the rise again soon, we all need to  practice making use of leftovers, and to become more creative in the kitchen.

My peppers caught a second wind, with the much needed rainfall we have been getting, my plants jumped up and made some beautiful peppers.   So I pondered on what to do with them tonight.........Hmmmmm i love some stuffed bell peppers.  We ate deer loin over the weekend, and deer/pork ground meat burgers yesterday, so i have had my fill of meat the past few days.  While digging through the freezer, i found a pack of shrimp that i put up earlier in the year.  When i do get to put up shrimp in the freezer, i savor each and every pack, knowing they are far and few between.  The past few years Louisiana shrimp were expensive, so i don't splurge often on such a delicious southern treat.

Well it looks like our taste buds are in for a special treat!!!!!!!!!!!  I decided to stuff the peppers with a shrimp and kale mixture.  My husband has been on a diet watching his carbs, so stuffing with rice was out the question.  He suggested i use some kale to help with the stuffing part instead of the rice, and since i have alot of that in the freezer, i thought Hey..............that sounds good.

I cooked onions, celery, bell pepper, garlic and tomatoes down until wilted, added the blanched kale and let it cook down about 15 min.  Threw in the diced shrimp seasoned to your own taste and a handful of fresh parsley.  Wilt that down a few minutes, careful not to overcook the shrimp. I added a little bread crumbs to absorb any liquids, and stuffed the peppers then topped each with a little more breadcrumbs and a pat of butter.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 20-30 min.  The peppers were blanched before i filled them with the stuffing. 

This with a green salad and leftover blackeye peas is" what's for dinner" at our house tonight..........

How are you being creative in the kitchen?  What sort of dishes you are making to stretch the budget?  Would  love to hear about them.

              Live Simple........................Sheryl

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  1. What a creative stuffed pepper! I finally made a menu plan this week so that I wouldn't forget to use the produce I got from the Farmers' Market. ;-)