Thursday, July 12, 2012

Double Stuff

July 12, 2012

Our Belted Galloway cow "Oreo" had her calf this morning. It's another double stuff Oreo looking calf. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was not bred to a purebred Galloway bull this time.  We wanted to throw something else into the mix and bred her to the black bull we had. 

This is the whole "Oreo" family, "Maggie" ( in front), was her last years calf born 7/29/11, and the new baby born today 7/12/12. 

Not sure if it's a male or female yet.

While trying to get pictures of the new baby this evening, a parade was passing by and getting in my view.................


A parade of lambs............  Rosie leading the pack, followed by Jolie, and the two new girls Shiloh, and Ellie.  They adjusted fine, grazing happily with the rest of the herd.  They will be bred this fall and winter and be lambing for us in spring next year.  If anyone is interested in purchasing lambs, contact us.  We will have both registered purebred St. Croix and unregistered St.Croix/Katahdin cross.

    Live Simple.......................Sheryl

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  1. Adorable calf, some days ya just have to wait and watch which way they pee, LOL. Love the fact that you still have green pastures, I am so jealous.