Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just Hanging Out

October 31, 2011

Last week my husband got the clothesline hung and i was able to hang clothes on the line.  The weather was beautiful, nice cool breeze blowing, perfect fall weather. 
I don't know why, but i enjoy hanging clothes out on the line.  Some people would say that it's a lot of work, that it's much easier and less time consuming to just throw them into the dryer. 

For me, I fine pleasure in this task.  I enjoy watching my clothes flap in the breeze from my window.  The lack of noise coming from the dryer in my utility room is an added pleasure.  I like knowing I'm saving on energy cost, which leaves more money in my pocket, hey!! now that makes me happier.

We had a visitor for a couple of days, grand baby Jessie, she just loves coming to spend time with her grandparent here on the farm.  She loves the outdoors, just like her mommy and daddy.   We just hung out and did a few chores together and enjoyed a nice Autumn weekend.

My hopes and dreams for her is that she will become a wise and wonderful homemaker someday, on top of anything else she wants to be.  Today there are not many young women who were taught the basics of being a good wife and mother. 

The basic skills and knowledge some of our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers possessed, are fading away in societyThe skills of cooking from scratch, gardening, preserving foods, sewing, cleaning, and keeping an orderly home seem foreign to alot of young women.


Growing up, watching the older women in my life, I grew to admire all their skills, and I'm so proud and honored that those skills and values were taught to me.

Our lives are so different from our grandparents, and the times of long ago.  Or are they????

It seems to me that there are alot of women turning to old traditions and skills of the past, maybe it's because of financial reasons, or a healthier way of living, or maybe it's just because they want to live a more simple sustainable lifestyle for pure pleasure.

Whatever the reason, we need to keep in mind that we are living in such an uncertain time right now in our world, and it's important to pass those skills down to our children and grandchildren. 

I'm hoping and praying that her world is a bright one, and her Meme is here to teach her everything i know.............

I'm linking up to Homestead Revival for Barn Hop #34. And also to Dandelion House for Farm Girl Friday.   Hop on over and meet some very inspiring women.

                                                                     Live simple......................Sheryl


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I hope my daughter grows up to be a homemaker too. :-)

  2. Hi Sheryl....I'm with ya, sista! I share your sentiments exactly. And yes, I love hanging wash out on the line! Baby Jesse is precious...thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so right about passing on traditions and homemaking skills. I think we are approaching a time that they will be more important than ever as people realize how unhealthy and unsustainable life has become.

  4. Shery, your images are fantastic and the sentiment along with them... Hear Hear!!! Thanks so much for joing the farmgirl friday hop! Great to have you!