Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trouble in blogland....

November 2, 2011

Good morning all.........
  I'm having a little trouble in blog land the past few weeks.  I have added myself to follow along with a few new bloggers, but having trouble leaving a comment.  It would leave me with a response of " my account does not have access to view this page" even though my profile picture and name shows up under following.  On a few occasions when i add as a follower to a few new blog friends, my profile picture does not show up, it shows a big fat question mark....and i can't leave a comment.  "What"s up with that........."

If anyone out there is having the same trouble or had the same trouble and found a solution please leave me a comment or you can email me at

This is so fustrating!!!!!! i have been reading some wonderful post out there and would love to leave all of you a friendly comment.  So know that if you are on my blog list that i follow that im reading your post but just having trouble commenting.

Have a wonderful day, and thanks to all of you who have recently added as a follower, i appreciate all of your friendly comments.

                                                         Live simple.........................Sheryl


  1. I am also haveing that problem .One time it works the next it doesn"t. I hope it works this time. I wanted to let my follower know I am haveing a Mystery Christmas Box give away there are 5 gifts in it. Come join the fun.

  2. I was having problems with other blogs loading last week, maybe it was a hitch in Blogger. Your picture shows up on my blog now, most of the time! LOL!!