Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feels Like Fall

October 19, 2011

Well now that its getting to feel more like fall, I've done a little decorating around the house with some pine cones from last year, a few of my dried sunflowers from the summer, i even had time to be a lil crafty.  There are alot of cute little pumpkins floating around the Internet, all shapes and sizes made from all sorts of different fabrics.  I thought i would give it a try and make a few of my own.

This one is made with a piece of white burlap i had.  I decorated the top with a twig and some acorns, tiny pine cones and leaves. I think this one came out the cutest, this picture does not do it any justice.

The third one  is made from a piece of white cotton, with twine wrapped around the twig stem, as you can see in this cluster of the three.

These were so fun to make, anything goes....Don't you love that sorta craft.

This is a little vignette i put together on my patio table to give it a little fall feeling. I threw together some pine cones, dried sunflowers, potted herbs and a old tattered bird house.  The tall candle sits in a old sprocket i found in a load of horse manure that we got from a nearby stable. 

I thought it was a keeper, old, rustic and in the shape of a star.

Just a few things i put together, hope you enjoy.  I'm linking this post up to Heidi's Fall Harvest Blog Hop over at My Simple Country living.  She has just started this hop for sharing your fall recipes, decorations, or anything fall related.  Join me and hop over to see some fall harvest happenings.

                                                   Live Simple...............Sheryl

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  1. Oh Sheryl,
    I love these lil' fabric pumpkins. I can't pick a favorite, but your use of natural elements like the burlap and raffia look so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up to the fall Harvest Blog Hop. Keep these awesome Fall inspired ideas coming.