Tuesday, October 4, 2011

peppers gone BAD!! and other fall veggies

October 4, 2011

Well, this is what my bell peppers look like, my crop this spring did the same thing, slowly taking over all of them.  So i tried planting again for a fall crop and they are doing the same thing.  I'm down to one left.
During the spring we had horrible heat and bugs, so we assumed that was the problem with our fall plantings, bur I'm not seeing the bugs, and my peppers are still looking horrible.  Being the google farmer that I am ...........i started  searching for the culprit, and narrowed it down to a few bacterial diseases that's probably in my soil.  Several of these diseases are carried by the seed into the transplant and then to the soil.  These diseases can be treated with a fungicide, which is great..........if you know which disease you have.  After reading the symptoms and looking at pictures, it could be any of three.  Cercospora Leaf Spot, Anthracnose or Bacteria Leaf Spot, all have similar symptoms of dark spots on the leaves and some yellowing and dropping of the leaves as well as spots on the fruit.  Cercospora Leaf Spot and Anthracnose are both fungal diseases and can be treated with Maneb.  Bacterial Leaf Spot in a bacterial disease which can be treated with Kocide 3000.  After a trip to the feed store I was able to find the Maneb product but not the Kocide.  So....................I'm gonna try to save this one bell pepper plant with Maneb, sprayed on its leaves and around the base of the plant.  The product can be sprayed as a preventive on cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash.  So the other plants i have growing near this bed got sprayed as well for preventive measures.  I think i will read up some more on treating my soil before planting again in spring. 

Here are more snap shots of the rest of the fall garden;

Zucchini and Swiss chard growing well thus far, they got a dose of the fungicide spray as well for preventive measures.

Swiss chard

I'm so proud of my Pak Choi it's growing so beautiful.  Can't wait to cook and taste this wonderful vegetable.

I've noticed spots on the leaves of the gourds we have planted also.

How about those cucumbers in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Never tried planting cucumbers for fall before, and they are doing just fine, if we can keep our first frost at bay.  So far we have had a few nights in the upper 40's, and that has happened this week.  The seeds germinated during warm weather and continued to grow and set flowers during warm to mild temperatures.  Guess i timed them just right.

Fall peas are almost ready to start picking.

Mustard greens, turnips, and kale were planted and are popping out the ground.

Gardening is a challenge as well as rewarding; always fighting insects, weather, disease and animals, but to find joy in the harvest, and bring it to the table in a healthy meal is the greatest pleasure.  It's so enjoyable for me, it's like therapy for my soul.  Hope you are enjoying the fall weather and successful in your fall plantings.

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                                                              Live simple...............Sheryl


  1. I hear ya...we fought bunnies this year...ate down all my bean plants...and something attacked my peppers as well.

    Oh well...glad garden season is over...and ready to hunker down for the winter.

    FYI: My dh fixed the problem with my blog:-)

  2. My fall garden is in too. Not as grown as yours. Hopeing to got them harvest before it gets to cold.Your cat Minnie looks just like my daughter's cat Kite. They both look so cute.

  3. Sheryl,
    I am sorry to hear about those peppers. Everything else looks great. I can hardly believe how pretty those birdhouse gourds and the Pak Choy look.