Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

Thursday, April 28

Hi..... hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend.  Our family gathered together on Sunday, here at the farm and enjoyed the wonderful weather.  The kids were excited to see some new baby chicks that arrived on Good Friday.  A friend of ours,gave us seven baby chicks that were given to him from a local feed store.   Not sure of the breed of these little fellows, but we were glad to give them a home.  The kids also enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, and playing in the pond to cool off.  We enjoyed a smoked brisket that hubby cooked long and slow on the smoker the day before, "good job honey" it was awesome.  We also had a smoked ham, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, and a potato salad that i put a new twist on.   I will have to post that later, it came out really good.  Not to mention lots of deviled eggs.........needless to say, we all enjoyed the food and the company.............a typical Cajun gathering.

 Riley called them "wittle birds"

They look so helpless
poor "wittle birds"

Another happening on the farm was the  "letting loose of the ladies".  We thought it was time for our three barred rock chickens to "FREE RANGE".  I was a little nervous about the other critters sharing the free space around the farm.  Dally, the border collie, Aussie mix, was my biggest concern, because this girl herds and chases anything that moves including carpenter bees, flies, and the cat. But to my surprise, she stays clear of them and keeps her distance.  They look so happy to be out eating bugs and grass and they are such a friendly and docile group of ladies.

I will keep you updated on the free ranging chickens, wondering how much "ranging" they will be doing around the garden,herb and flower beds.

                              Live simple,                   Sheryl & Denny


  1. I love letting our chickens out to free range. They roam around everywhere and I just pray that God will protect them from the neighbor's dogs.

    Love your wittle chicks.

  2. NOthing happier than a free ranging chicken. Hope they avoid the gardens. Oh, and can't wait to see what the "wittles" end up to be!

  3. I would love to have chickies someday! But,I worry about the coyotes we have roaming!

    I am following you now! I thought I clicked on it a few days ago...where is my brain!!!
    xo, misha

  4. very nice sis... love the true cowgirls pic.. i will follow u now. but of course, plan to visit the farm lots this summer.

  5. i loved the blog.. enjoy following . plan to visit the farm alot this summer