Saturday, April 16, 2011


April 16, 2011

Another beautiful day......................Took some pictures of the cows this morning and thought i would share with you what we are aiming to achieve by raising our own grassfed beef.  It all started with the longing to have beef again in my freezer that was healthier, with no antibiotics or hormones, and not to mention paying high prices for meat with no taste.  I was fortunate years ago to have grassfed beef available for my family.  I remember the taste and satisfaction i got from knowing where our meat came from, how i miss that wonderful taste.   Hubby and I wanted to utilize our 10 acres that would benefit us in the long run.  So we decided on cattle.   So our little farm here, is to bring healthier foods to the table.   We're not to the point of having something available for our freezer yet, but it's a work in progress............... i plan on keeping you posted of our journey down this sustainable living road...................

yearling heifers in front

                         Live Simple...................................................Sheryl


  1. Your cattle are beautiful! I would love to live on a little farm and be able to do what you are doing. Right now our chickens are all we can do. I am thankful for them and the farm fresh eggs I get from them.

    Hope you are enjoying blogging!!

  2. Hi Sheryl,
    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. I applaud you for raising your own beef. I wish we had enough pastures for beef as well as the horses. Luckily, we have someone nearby who raises it for us. You and I and those like us are lucky to have the space to be able to raise our own food and live this wonderful simple life....although at the end of the day I would call it simply exhausting!! LOL!

    I will be back to visit again!!

  3. Hey Sheryl,

    I would love for you to set your comments that you leave to have your email address instead of no-reply blogger. That way anyone you send a comment to could automatically reply to your email and not have to go to your blog to respond. Does any of that make sense?

    I didn't know how to do it until my son helped me and then it made it easier to send comments back and forth.

    Having said all of that...

    I wanted to tell you to pull those scales out girl and start using them again. And, you need to go on an attic hunt and see what treasures lie in wait for you. Let me know what you find!!