Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spring Fever

Feb 6, 2013

This past week we had a case of spring fever........Temps got into the 70's, lots of sunshine.  The only cure for this fever is to get my hands gloved up, rake and shovel in hand and get started breaking ground, and weed pulling.

We made a new bed and transplanted some thornless blackberries that were getting to much shade in the far back of our property.  Hopefully this site will spruce them up with lots of sunshine and produce more berries for us.

Some of you are wondering why we do the small individual beds??? I use to do the big plot garden in the back of our property, but the tree line has grown and started to shade alot of our back yard.  This site, if you have been a follower of our blog, use to be a in ground pool site that we filled in.  It gets alot of sun, and its near the back patio.  This makes it convenient, and easier for me to keep up.  I think viewing it every day encourages me to be in it everyday, pulling weeds and keeping it looking nice and orderly.  I love to incorporate beneficial flowers into my beds and I like companion planting as well.  Dreaming of a french type garden you see in magazines, Lots of mixing of vegetables,  flowers and herbs...Hmmmmmmm I will get there someday.

We ordered some heirloom seeds this year from Seed Savers Exchange, a seed company with a pledge to sell non GMO seeds, and open pollinated and heirloom varieties.  With these seeds, and carefull planting, you can grow and save your own seeds and become a steward for our food heritage.  I love this company's mission and their  efforts to preserve our gardening heritage for future generations.

I stared some tomato seeds the other day, and I'm so excited to see these heirloom spouts pop out the soil.  I'm hallucinating and  dreaming of tasting these juicy homegrown tomatoes.......I think my fever is spiking!!!!!!!!!! quick......get me a cold rag.........

Thank you!!! my sweet hubby......for getting all my beds tilled up and amended.

We are ready for planing now.......
What are you doing to get ready for spring planting???

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  1. The beds look great! I can't wait until we can get outside and till up our garden. We're not quite warm enough yet, but hopefully spring will come soon for us this year :) I have spring fever like crazy!

  2. Sounds like you really have spring fever. I need to get started, but back is tender right now. when you have time, go to YouTube, and search "RAIN GUTTER GARDENING" and you will be impressed. No weeds, and no hoeing or spading. love and miss you guys.

  3. Thanks dad, yes i saw those, they are all over pinterest right now. Alot about vertical gardening for suburban gardens also. Take care of that back. Love and miss you too.

  4. Is it weird that I like pictures of dirt? You have me wishing for spring.

  5. You guys sure have a great start on your garden already! :)
    I better get some tomatoes seeds planted if I want any tomatoes at all this year!

  6. Definitely feeling the spring fever here...have awhile to wait! Thanks for sharing this on The HomeAcre Hop!