Saturday, June 23, 2012

struggling to get a harvest

June 23, 2012

Hi, hope you all are having a good summertime weekend.  We have been busy with summer activities and farm chores.  I thought i would share with you today some of what we have been harvesting out of my struggling garden.  I have battled potato beetles, worms on my tomatoes, and plants that just drooped over and died.  Not sure what that was all about, being that it happeded to just a few plants in different beds.

I did loose a few tomato plants, but still have a few that survived and while waiting for this beauties to turn red, i had to deal with this......................

And I think these were to blame..............................................

My lovely ladies..........

Not you too "Lou Lou"...............

I didn't want to think it was them, until i saw them jump up and peck at my tomatoes.  I didn't have this issue last year with them, they would just walk around the garden eating the bugs and not messing with any of my plants.  Guess this year they couldn't resist, or they needed this in their diet.  Hmmmmmm funny how things change in the garden from year to year.

The garden is always trial and error and always a learning experience.  When you have a really good year and an abundance of one thing, and death and destruction of another, you can expect that it will almost be the opposite the next year.  I always try to rotate my crops by planting something different in it's spot the next year round.

This year there was an abundance of green beans, I planted a variety called "rattlesnake", it's a heirloom variety, which means i can save the seeds to replant in the future. 

Love the purple coloring through these.

I was able to get a little patch of corn grown and harvested.

We did get strong wind and rain storms at the begining of the month, but it didn't knock it down too bad.

It makes me feel good to be able to bag some of the harvest for future meals.

Hmmmm corn soup in the heart of winter made with homegrown corn.

I grew some peas, a variety call "Mississippi Silverskin".  They grew really well without any bug problems.

My only problem is.........................I didn' tplant enough of them.

One benifit of gardening here in the our long growing season.  So what i didn't get accomplished in the first planting, i will try again with my second planting.  I did plant twice last year, and was very successful with cucumbers, peas, squash and i tryed a heat resistant tomato.  By planting again you sometimes miss the life cycle of insects, and they are less of a problem...sometimes.

We feel blessed to be able to grow some of our own food

Hope you're gardens are plentiful this season....

Live Simple.........................Sheryl

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  1. Wow, your garden is waaayyy ahead of mine! My tomatoes are just starting to blossom and my bush beans are still only 3-4 inches tall! You will really enjoy the corn in the dead of winter and be sure to blanch and freeze some of those lovely beans too! :)