Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm in Love!!!!

Sept. 4, 2011

I have always dreamed of having a milk cow, i don't know...... call me crazy, but to me a farm is not complete without a milk cow on the place, to supply the family with fresh wholesome milk.  After talking about the price for a gallon of milk and not to mention the quality of milk you get, we have been thinking long and hard about this.  Buying a cow ready to give milk can be pricey, but hubby has been on this mission scouring the papers and Internet to find us a milk cow.  He approached me last week with this ad for some jersey/holstein cross dairy calves.  I got all excited and couldn't wait for him to pull up the ad to show me pictures.  I was already having visions of this gorgeous milk cow, with a full bag of milk that i always dreamed of. 
As we were pulling up the ad, he went on to discuss the fact that we haven't put any beef up in the freezer yet, and in order to have other animals we want for the farm we could grow out some others and sell for a profit. Then this picture loaded up with these cute little dairy calves, Oh my!!!!!!!  how adorable they looked.  But!!!!!!!!!!!  the ad read ...bull calves!!!!!!!!  But honey!!!  i can't milk these.     
Needless to say,  They arrived here a week ago Friday.
We came home with four jersey/holstein cross bull calves.
The kids thought it was so cool to feed them a bottle.  After i told them it had to be done twice a day, everyday, their enthusiasm changed some.  So did mine, after we got them home and one was near death due to the scours (calf diarrhea).   Being the google farmers that we are, we searched the Internet for advise and solutions that would not cost us vet bills to solve.  Knowing that diarrhea in babies can have a negative effect quickly, i knew we had to get some electrolytes in them fast.  I found a home remedy to use short term, when you have no electrolytes handy.  Diarrhea can cause a metabolic effect on a baby calf in a short period of time, especially during those really hot days we have been having.  I was lucky to have these items in the pantry, and made up a batch to give to this poor little guy.

1- 2oz pkg pectin
2tsp salt
2 tsp baking soda
1 101/2 oz beef consume
water to make 2 qrts.

Electrolytes need to satisfy four requirements;  To supply enough sodium to correct dehydration.  To provide agents that help absorb sodium and water, like glucose, glycine,or acetate.  An an alkalizing agent to correct acidosis like bicarbonate.  This home remedy supplies those four requirements.
 It was a struggle to get him to suckle, and he didn't have enough energy to stand.  We worked with him every hour to get some electrolytes in him, but didn't think he would make it through the nite.  Much to our surprise, he was eager and up the next morning and ate well from the bottle. I truly think if we didn't get those electrolytes in him that quick he would not have made it. They all have had a touch of the scours, but are all eating well, and getting supplements of electrolytes and we gave them some antibiotics as well. 
This is the little survivor ............ we can't seem to name this one. Love his shield like white spot on his forehead. I think he deserves a courageous name.  Any suggestions??????????

All the other farm animals came to check out the new additions and say hello......

T-Boy the bull greeting his new male friends

I think T-Boy is excited to have some male companions on the farm.  Three of the calves are brown and white spotted. And one is solid brown.  This one is "Bucky" he runs around the stall in circles and hops and bucks.

"Speck has the most brown specks on his leg.  He was also pretty weak and not feeling as good as he should.

 This is my new "LOVE".  He is the sweetest one out the bunch.  We named him Buster because with his first feeding, he would pop that bottle to try to make that milk come faster. The kids thought that was funny, and thought he would bust the nipple, he was pulling and popping it so hard.   He is the tallest one, and i defiently thought he would be a hand full.  But turns out he's the gently giant.  He follows me around the pen, rubs up gently on my side and loves to suck on fingers, he loves it when i give him rubs and scratch his head. 
Watch out hubby!!!!!  i have a new male in my life.....

I will keep you posted on their progress. Thanks for stopping by........

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  1. Oh, I am so excited about your calves. They are beautiful. Your little brown cow looks like our brown calf. Thank you for the scours remedy. We haven't had that yet but, as you know it could happen any day. I have a million questions to ask, so be expecting an email. ha ha

  2. Oh how all the photos of your baby calves.