Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coming to an end...

August 10, 2011

The kids started school on Monday, and summer is coming to an end, and  we hope soon!!.  With record temps all over the country, I'm sure everyone is praying for a little cooler weather.  I Don't know about you, but when the kids go back to school i start making my list of fall projects.  A few on the list for hubby and i are; to work on fencing, now that we are getting sheep, new additions need to be added.  A bigger chicken tractor to keep more chickens, three were fine to start off with, now I'm addicted, and want moreA pump house for the well,  a project we have been putting off.  Some painting on the exterior of our home, been too hot to paint the past few months, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it, he he he......Several furniture pieces to redo, and of course, planting a fall garden.  What's on your fall project list???

  Reflecting, i feel blessed that our garden produced for us this year dispite the drought.   I was able to put up by canning and freezing, beans, peas, tomatoes, squash and figs.  We also had potatoes, cucumbers, onions, shallots, and a few herbs.  We thank you Lord, for the fresh foods that are brought to this table.

It's a Heifer!!

Mom and baby are doing fine, and we are so excited that it's a heifer.  Not sure of what her registered name will be, it will have magnolia in it somewhere so we have been calling her Maggie. 

A picture of the herd, they have all bonded, and living in harmony.

Walking in the pasture the other day we noticed this:

mushroom growing out of oak tree
Found this growing in the compost pile.  Scraps get thrown in here, sometimes things decide to sprout......
Looks like we might end the summer with a homegrown watermelon of our own.

Everthing has come to an end, except for a few bell pepper plants and marigolds.  Dreaming of my fall garden coming soon.

I heart gardening

dryed sunflower in shape of a heart
                            Live simple .......................Sheryl

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  1. Maggie is adorable. So happy that your garden did well. We were so disappointed in ours this year. We have got to get a fence around it because my chickens won't stay out. They enjoyed the garden...hence we couldn't enjoy it.

    I am not ignoring your email, but I have to turn your questions over to my computer savvy son. :)