Sunday, May 29, 2011

redos and future projects with shabby finds

May 29, 2011

Good morning, What a beautiful morning, although its hot and dry and we are still praying for rain. Some areas had rain a few days ago along with some severe weather and more tornadoes.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those folks who have been affected by the tornadoes and flooding across our country. 

I thought i would show you some of my redos and some shabby finds and future projects.  Awhile back i posted a chair that i repainted and distressed, well, here's the finished look.

before .........(blahhhh..drab...)

I have to show you what my sweet son-in-law scored for me the other day.  I like getting the word out to my friends and family about my love for shabby, vintage stuff, because you never know what they may bring you................

Is he Awesome or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  he has a good eye.

I'm not sure what type of table this pedestal came from.  It's shorter than an average dinning table and taller than a coffee table.  Hubby and i haven't decided what type of top to put on it yet, or if we are gonna cut it down some or not.  Love the metal claw foot on the bottom of each leg.  I think it would make a cute lamp table in a living room.  What do you think??????

Remember the old child's rocker i found in my shed that belonged to my daughter's great-grandmother???????  I have been slowly stripping and sanding away all the chipped white paint that was hiding this beautiful oak wood.  I know you hate hearing this, but...........I had a before pic way back with the torn canvas seat on it and the chippy white paint, but cant find that pic.  So here is a pic during the process.   

       The wood was so dry and cracked it soaked up anything i put on it.  This pic is during the process of putting some cherry wood stain on it.  I love the wood grain of oak.

Still trying to decide what type of seating to do on it.  Like i mentioned earlier, there was a canvas type fabric tacked with upholstery tacks will no padding of any kind.  So I'm open for suggestions if any of you out there have any to give.  My first thought before i started stripping it was, i wanted to leave it in that shabby old chippy look and just do a burlap seat of some kind.  But when i discovered it was oak under all that chippy and goop, i had to bring that wood back to life.  I'm pleased with the way it looks thus far, now i need to figure out the seating part.  Let me know what you think in my comments.

          Thanks, and have a happy and safe memorial weekend.

                                       Live simple............................Sheryl

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  1. I just discovered your blog. I love your finds and what you are doing to restore them. The chicken tractor on your side bar is wonderful. What a great design. Lovely blog and photos.